How to set Firefox mobile to Private Browsing by default?

What about:config settings are available that enable a mobile user to set Private Browsing by *default*?

I found a similar question posted here ( ), but it appears to be lacking an answer (or it has been edited off this particular page).

As a sidebar to this question:

Mozilla, I think it's fair to suggest to you (and others reading this) that more and more people, worldwide, are becoming aware of the grave issues and conflicts arising between privacy and security. In the wake of all we have come to know (thus far) about unchecked government spying programs, big data, general snooping, device fingerprinting, general malware, identify theft, etc., many of your users would like for you to continue leading the way in helping to better secure your loyal users' privacy, or at the very least, to provide loyal users with a wide-range of flexible settings that enable a user to determine the right level of security for themselves - from the "I don't care" to the "Don't stalk me, bro" to the "I want to be a ghost" -types. This necessarily includes your mobile browser. Mozilla is a key component to the future that is stretching out before us. Question is, will you lead the way?

Lately, I've seen many settings/features disappear from your mobile browser: enable/disable javascript, an actual "exit" option. This isn't to say you haven't done any good. I very much appreciate the inclusion of settings for "Title bar" (Show page address vs page title). THANK YOU!

If not such about:config setting exists, please consider a human-readable setting for "Enable Private Browsing by default".

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