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How can I edit an html file in Firefox using View Source?


I have created an html webpage and saved it to my pc. I can't edit the html file in firefox when I right click on the page and select "View Source". I can view the code but I can't edit it. I can do this in IE9.

I thought I was able to do this before in Firefox.

Did my settings change somewhere that I can no longer do this?

Do I have to have something checked in the Web Developer extensions for it to work?

I'm using Firefox 24.0

Thank you for any help with this. :)

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Helpful Reply

The View Source window in Firefox cannot be used to change computer codes. Nor can the Web Developer tools.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

I suggest using Programmer's Notepad.

mohammed.samad 24 solutions 237 answers

copy the source code on the note pad edit it and save it as html open with firefox till the bug is fixed

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You cant permenatly change the HTML in the page using any inspector,on any browser, it only lasts until a refresh.

I would look for a alternative to notepad, as on windows this is the only way to edit HTML that comes with windows.

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Firefox allows you to designate an external program as your source viewer, but I think it still will open the page from Firefox's cache, and not open the original source page.

Maybe you had an extension before that could open the actual source file corresponding to a file:// URL in a real editor?

Helpful Reply

Yes you can edit a locally saved html file in IE9 by right clicking the page in the browser window, choosing "view source" which opens in notepad and editing the code and then go to file and save the changes.

You can do the same thing In Firefox by opening Firebug and then opening the Firebug editor which is notepad.

I just thought I remembered doing it by just right clicking the page and opening "view source" in Firefox just as I did in IE9.

There are a lot of options in the Web Developer Extensions and the Web Developer/ Firebug that can be checked and unchecked. I thought I might have messed up those.