Make Updating easier!

Updating is a lil confusing! Took me a ton of time to figure out how to do "manual updates". Was a bit annoying. The Click "Firefox" Button-then click "help" -then click "about Firefox" Is Not what you expect.

No-where are you given a clue this will aide you in manual updating! Also how do you know the add on and extensions are up to date?!

For those like me that just simply want to make sure everything is up to date could someone make a new button?

Make a button called "Updates" and add it next to the home button up at the top. Allow this button to somehow not only Manually check for updates to Firefox, but to also check for updates to Extensions and add-on. Then tell us, Yes everything is up to date or These things could be updated, and these things could be added to improve your browsers performance.

Doing this would be very helpful! Hope a developer is able to do this and soon!

Because other then this I have come back to Firefox as my browser and I just love everything else and how it works! Everything I need to run my business is just a simple click and I'm there.

I recommend Firefox to everyone I know because it's so great. But even my friends are asking, um how can we be sure everything is up to date?

Thanks everyone for making Firefox Awesome!

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