Firefox does not play any Flash even with the latest Flash installed


My firefox cannot play any Flash for months.

Here are the issues: 1. If i want to watch videos on Youtube, it just turns out black (clicking on the video can trigger the pause icon though). 2. If i want to watch some website with Flash, it just loads the first 2 secs and then the Flash freezes.

I have read all the help information in the forum and tried many solutions (see below) but none of them worked:

- Uninstall and reinstall Firefox - Uninstall and reinstall Flash:

      1) when entered Youtube without Flash installed, the website asked me to install Flash but it somehow ended to a failure so I had to manually download and install
      2) after installing Flash, I also went to: I can see the version info but not the animation of the banner - it just shows a red box and then disappears after a few secs.

- Reset Firefox - Use the browser safe mode - Install the latest Realplayer - Scan the plugin status on the website: - Turn off the hardware acceleration in the Advanced option - Regenerate the "pluginreg.dat" file

I am using WIn 7 (64 bits), with Firefox 24.0 and Flash11_8_800_168. I have spent too much time on this issue and now I am using Chrome to watch the video.

Hope this can be solved with your help.

Thanks! -Jeffery

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