Already bricked my orange ZTE Open from Ebay.

I inserted a SIM card and the battery -- no microSD card. I charged the battery all the way. I explored the phone for awhile and was very pleased. I decided to install the updates listed in Notifications. There were 7 updates totalling 13.3MB, if I recall. It had no problem downloading everything but got stuck at "Uncompressing..." for over 5 hours. I used the phone during this time. I finally decided to cancel the "Download". It showed a single update as a remaining task -- System, 9.1MB, if I recall. I selected Later. I held the power button and selected Restart.

The phone is stuck at the fox screen, no animated tail, and does not respond to power button or USB charger. I attempted a soft reset, as suggested in a previous post. I removed the battery and the SIM card. I waited over 10 seconds. I replaced the battery -- not the SIM card. I pressed the power button. It is again stuck at the fox screen.

What should I do?

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