posted by Tnjn 4 years ago
After updating to v. 24.0 (and restarting) ALL add-ons (regardless whether they work or not) are marked "(disabled)", and clicking Enable button does nothing

After updating to v. 24.0 (and restarting, several times) ALL add-ons (regardless whether they work or not) are marked "(disabled)". I tried clicking "Enable" button for each add-on and nothing happened. There is only one add-on which is marked as incompatible with this version (but it was also incompatible with previous version, and so marked). Clicking "Update Add-ons", gives a short list of add-ons but "Install Updates" button is pale and doesn't work. I can only sort list by name or last update. Also, I disabled Ask Toolbar and that went well. When I click "Enable" button (button works ONLY for this add-on) it takes forever to get note: “Ask Toolbar will be enabled after you restart Firefox”, I used to get this info in seconds time before this update. (I do not really want Ask Toolbar, I just used it to see whether if I disable and then enable an add-on might do the trick.) Bottom line – I can not tell if add-on works (i.e. if it is enabled or disabled) unless I try using it. Even when I posted this question and installed Troubleshooter, it's also marked as "(disabled)"

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