I need help. No success using "SYNC" on Desktop Win7, MacBook Air OSX, Samsung Note Android

Let me start with the Hardware and Software: Desktop (Win7 64bit, Firefox v24) Laptop (Apple OSX 10.6.8, Firefox v24) Samsung (Note, Android 4.1.2, Firefox v24)

I have a Sync account on Mozilla ( Which allows me to:

   Change your password
   Delete your account
   Clear your Sync data
   Request a quota increase

I set up Sync on my Samsung (waiting at airport), and would sync my PC and Laptop when I arrived home. So far I have been unsuccessful. I am able to put the code from the Samsung into the Desktop. The Samsung says waiting on other device. The Desktop then shows the Create an Account or Have an Account. While the Samsung is still waiting. At this point I am stuck.

I assume I am supposed to click the Have an account and enter my email and password (which I know). I don't know how to get the Recovery Key off the Firefox Mobile on my Samsung Note Android Phone. So if I am supposed to log into the Mozilla Sync Account, I would need to know how to either access the recovery key or how to start over using the Desktop as the primary and then "Sync" the Laptop and Samsung.

Again thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope a solution can be found.

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