I can't make Waterfox my default browser.

I've always used Firefox as my default browser. A few months ago, on my Windows 8 laptop (I always use it in desktop mode), I downloaded Nightly, because I wanted a 64 bit browser so that I could install 64 bit Java to make Minecraft run faster. At the time, I didn't know about Waterfox. Recently, I've been having a problem with Nightly where when I right-click on anything using Adobe Flash Player (flash games, YouTube videos, etc.) the plugin would crash. This doesn't happen in Internet Explorer, normal Firefox, or Waterfox. For that reason, and because I know nothing about programming and therefore Nightly was kinda pointless to me, and because the daily updates were kinda annoying, I wanted to change my default browser. I downloaded Waterfox and Pale Moon. I found I didn't like Pale Moon's different layout, so I never touched it again. I attempted to make Waterfox my default browser, but I ran into problems. Under Control Panel --> Default Programs --> Set Default Programs, Waterfox doesn't appear, but Nightly and Pale Moon do. However, Nightly and Pale Moon have the Waterfox logo instead of their own logos, but only under Control Panel --> Default Programs --> Set Default Programs. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but now, when I click on a link without any web browsers open (such as in Skype's instant Messenger) it acts like Nightly isn't my default browser, but under Control Panel --> Default Programs --> Set Default Programs it says it is. In the Waterfox options, it says that it's the default browser, and in the Nightly options, it says it isn't, but my computer thinks Nightly is the default. I am very confused, can anyone help me with this?

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