Can't go "back", and no search window

I have to keep using Google as Firefox doesn't provide a search window - just a lot of preferences I don't use. Also there is no "back" button so I have to close everything and re open to go back to a previous page. I wish I'd never installed this Mozilla acts as if it's worse than useless....I mean,.. can't go back????? I read an email from my inbox then have to close hotmail to get back to my inbox....Gooogle does not do this. It gives a search box and I can navigate back to previous pages....what planet are mozilla on?? All full of promises of easy navigation and what you really get is a tumour. I think it's best to uninstall now on irritation factor alone - I'll take a chance on "missing" all the "wonderful features" since like Apple and M$ , the fundamentals and basic requirements of procedure are obscured or unuseable.

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