After Firefox 23.0.1 I have no default search engine in URLbar. How can I change back to regular behaviour?

Before Firefox's last "upgrade" I used to type any word(s) in URL bar and Firefox opens up a Google's (or whatever I choose as default search in options) result page for the word(s) I typed. Now, I have no longer a "default search", the search through URL bar follows what is selected at search bar. How can I set a default search for URL bar?

I don't understand the changes made, if we already have a search bar with many options of search engines, why the hell would I use the URL bar to make a search using the exactly same search engine selected at search bar?! I use the URL bar search to find a URL, it makes no sense to try find a URL with amazon, ebay or wikipedia, i.e.

I've read about "keywords" to search directly from URL bar, as Firefox copied from Google Chrome's omnibar. But I want quick searches when autocomlplete features doesn't work, I don't want to have to remember a keyword for a specific engine, to type this keyword and then finally type the string to search, that's what made me leave Chrome when I first tryed it.

Did I missed something? Anyone can help me?

P.S.: Sorry for my outburst, but I'me so disappointed.

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