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how can i setup the "last update" field in advanced search from "anytime" to "past year" permanently ?


When I start Firefox, I have "always" to go into Adavanced search and setup the value from the field "last update" from anytime (default value) to past year, this to reduce the return of my searches to the most recent information.

I would like to find a way to setup this permanently, so that I don't nead to do this each time I start firefox, or each time I launch a new page in a new tab.

Many thanks in advance. With kind regards,


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If this is about Google then you would have to need to append the "&tbs=qdr:y" GET parameter to the URL.
You could make a copy of the current Google search engine file in the browser/searchplugins folder in the Firefox application folder and change the short name to Google (year) and add a Param line to add this parameter.
You can save this file as google-year.xml either in the Firefox application folder or in a searchplugins folder in the Firefox profile folder (you need to create this folder).

<ShortName>Google (Year)</ShortName>
<Description>Google Search (Year)</Description>

<Param name="tbs" value="qdr:y">

Then using this search engine would give you a default one year search range.

The search engine that is used on the location bar and on the about:home page is the search engine that is selected in the search Bar on the Navigation Toolbar.

You can install the Keyword Search extension to specify with search engine to use for the location bar and which search engine to use for the about:home page via the Options/Preferences windows of this extension, accessible via the about:addons page.

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