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firefox doesn't recognize some links on a home utility website


I logged on to my gas utility provider. There is a link that asks you to choose the region where you are receiving the service. The link opens up a pop-up which offers you links to all the available regions. When I click on my link, nothing happens, except for the url showing on the bottom of the browser as if I am only hovering. Other links on this pop-up work. I would think this is a current broken link on the website, BUT, the link works fine in internet explorer!

There is a trick I can use to open the link: I can right-click on the link, and choose open link in another tab, and the link then works. This is driving me mad. One time I saw a 2 second comment about my K-9 security software, but it was too fast to actually read it. I've used this site countless times and never had a problem. There are a number of places on the site that offer this pop-up. It always refuses to acknowledge regular clicking on the link I need.

Again, I would think this has something to do with the website itself, or the K-9 protection I saw for that split second, but the reality is, it's NOT happening in Internet Explorer, only in firefox.

I tried clicking on this link from firefox safe mode, but that didn't work either. I know I can continue using my "trick", but I don't like that firefox is simply refusing to recognize and connect to a link for no apparent reason. I've emptied my cache, deleted all my cookies, history, logins, and anything else that might be preserving some kind of glitch that may have occured once. I've closed and re-opened firefox. I've closed and restarted my whole computer. Firefox refuses to respond to this link, without my using the "right click - open in another tab trick".

Does anyone have any other ideas of what to tweak?

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when you open some web page has popup and the security thing and you understand the risk and you are sure this web page is safe your make the web page to allowed web sites list from setting of menu and security tab .

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Thank you for that advice. Unfortunately the pop-up isn't a security thing. It's just list to select which region of gas delivery I am located in. (They serve a bunch of "regions", e.g. New York, Massachusettes, Rhode Island... etc.) Each choice is a link. Many of the links work. The one I need doesn't work. It's obviously a fluke. The reason I asked the question here, is that the link DOES work in Internet explorer, which leads me to think it's a Firefox fluke.

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It looks like an overlay in the page rather than a separate pop-up window. Firefox's pop-up permissions do not apply to overlays.

Did this problem just start after August 6th? Firefox 23 has a new mixed content blocker which could affect sites that are showing an insecure (HTTP) overlay on an secure (HTTPS) page. Typically a "shield" icon would appear to the left of the URL on the address bar. This article has more information about how to recognize that situation and deal with it: How does content that isn't secure affect my safety?

Does that seem relevant?

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It is possible that the links specify a target window and aren't working for some reason because yuo say they work if you override that via the right-click context menu.

Does middle-clicking a link work?

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jscher2000 -- You got it. I can't believe you figured it out so quickly. I did use the page LAST on exactly August 6th! when I clicked on that shield it tells me that firefox is blocking content that isn't secure... which is obviously ridiculous!

There is an option to "disable protection on this page". I chose that and VOILA, the link worked! Unfortunately, it looks like Firefox doesn't "remember" that I chose to disable it on that page, if I log out of the site. It's probably because I have cookies disabled, and I don't have "remember search and form history" checked either. I entered the website on the cookies exception list, but the url changes to some weird www2, and/or www1 url depending what page your on, so I don't know if the basic url I use will help anyway.

Regardless, thank you for clearing up this mystery. And I guess I'll have to live with this Firefox update fluke. So far it hasn't affected any other pages I've gone to.

Be well and Thank you again! (Also thank you to anyone else who tried to answer)

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Actually, upon reading the article you recommended, I checked again, and the link that wasn't working is in fact directing to a url that doesn't have https in front of it at all. And it is a login page with a password to enter. So I emailed the provider of the service, and requested that they update the security on this page.

Thank you again.

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I'm glad we discovered the issue, and regret that there isn't an easy way to simply force the overlay to load securely.*

The shield setting should be remembered as long as you are on the page, but it isn't stored in a cookie or in the site's general permission list. I think this is because there's no guarantee that what's secure today might not become insecure tomorrow, so as currently designed, Firefox doesn't let you make a permanent decision to allow insecure content on a site.

* It might be possible to do this using an add-on, but I haven't read about anyone using a particular add-on for this purpose.

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This extension can make it easier to disable this security feature temporarily.