I suddenly can't get any of the websites I use each day on Firefox to load. I tried clearing the cache. No difference. How can i fix?

I use Firefox daily to access many sites. Yesterday it worked perfectly. Today it won't work at all. I just keep getting "Unable to Connect" message when I try to load the sites -- and sites work on other programs (though I need to use firefox to do certain things on some of them...) so it isn't an internet access problem. I've read the help articles and they don't help at all. I tried clearing the cache; it makes no difference. I tried checking that no proxy is highlighted under the advanced access settings. It is, and reviewing that makes no difference. I tried looking to see if Firefox is allowed to access the web thru my windows computer -- but I cant tell what program it would need to connect. And I haven't changed my settings since yesterday -- when it worked perfectly (or seemed to). So that shouldn't be the problem. Ive wasted most of the morning fighting with this. What the hell is going on here and how can I fix it?

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