posted by Garrr 4 years ago
Suddenly my online IDs, and many website preferences, and/or cookies are not being saved despite trying all the various privacy settings

In the past week, perhaps since I downloaded a new Firefox update my cookies are getting deleted every time I close or restart Firefox. I have cleared the cache and my tracking setting is at "Do not tell sites anything about my tracking" although I have also tried the other tracking settings as well. I have "accept cookies from sites" checked although I have "accept third-party cookies" on Never. I have "Keep Unti"l at "they expire" I have removed all extensions. This just suddenly started happening about a week ago although I can't recall changing any settings or installing any other software. The problem only seems to affect Firefox as Safari still remembers my online IDs etc. Is there a bug in the most recent Firefox update for Mac desktops?

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