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How can I recover my previously opened tabs / restore session?

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HI, I've been struggling the last few days to get back all the opened tabs I had in my Firefox window. My deault setting was to resume the Firefox session from where it was when I last exited Firefox. But some weird toolbar got somehow installed in my PC and when I uninstalled it all my browsing history was deleted (from all my browsers, IE, FF and chrome) and my precious Firefox tabs were gone.

These tabs are really priceless, I collected them through some months of research and it would be impossible to redo all my work. Although I managed to find some of these sites in my browing history when I restored all of it via the "restore" function in places.sqlite file properties (in the "previous versions" tab), it's impossible to find the other sites I need by checking every visited site in my browsing history, there are thousands of them and it would be the same as starting all over from scratch.

I know too that it was unbelievably stupid of me to not bookmark these sites before, but please, isn't there any way of retrieving those lost tabs? What irks me the most is the fact that the tabs weren't loaded when I opened Firefox, but only when I clicked on them, which means that I have no clue on which dates to find the tabs, since they were only visited at the time I found them, and never loaded again.

I'd be most grateful to any hint that might solve this problem. Thank you for your attention.

PS: I should mention I've already tried Window's "System Restore" but to no avail; when I open Firefox, after having a previous session restored, it will display the same tabs I left recently (as opposed to my previous tabs, that remain lost). My OS is a win7 64 bit Ultimate

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Hi jscher2000,

I am giving up.

The bullet point one and two are too complicated for me. I don't understand anything. i am not a geek.

As i answered previously, i was able to see the links in the .bak file but it's not the version i want to restaure.

i also copied the .bak file I had save in my profile but now i cannot find it.

and finally for some unknow reason, firefox in history has my restaure the previous session grey.

Thank you anyway for your help.


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Hello Emmanuelle, I'd first advise you to backup the entire Firefox folder (with the systemresotre files), like it's been already suggested. After that, you can do a System Restore (I'm only familiar with Windows 7, although Vista should be similar), if there is a restore point from a date that might have the links you're looking for (if you do a system restore, remember to create before this a new Restore Point, so that after you grab the links from your history you can go back to your present settings, by restoring the system to this newly created point - to grab these links simply load firefox as usual, it should open only the links from that date). I also strongly advise you to read this post from another forum (number 22) , it has a wealth of information on restoring Firefox tabs. Best luck to you, don't hesitate to ask other questions

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Sorry, I forgot to mention one thing! Be aware that if you create a new Restore Point in Windows 'System Restore' you might erase an old System Restore Point (usually the oldest one, Windows does this automatically in order to create room for the new Restore Point, since these Restore Points consume a lot of HD space, like some Gigabytes, and have a restriction of space reserved for them). You can try changing the configuration of System Restore to reserve more space for Restore Points, this might prevent Windows from deleting old Points to make room for new ones, though I'm not sure of it

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Hello Edvardgrierg11,

I did a system restore from few hours before the problem happened. And it worked! I did not create a new restore point (i got your mails after I did the system restore). as it was only 2 days ago, I had not made any updates and did not have to go back to my present settings. Thank you for detailed answer. I have learned things. I keep it for next time...hoping there will be no next time;)



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I have had this problem for a very long time, and I have spent a LOT of time experimenting to find a solution - to no avail. Whenever I close Firefox, it loses my most recent tabs, and there is NO way to get them back. If I use the copy of sessionstore.js that I renamed earlier today - it doesn't matter - it puts the most recent one it has in "Previous Versions", which is always from a week or more earlier. So every time I close Firefox, I lose at least a week's worth of tabs.

I'm sure this is not what the developers intended, and almost sure that there IS a way to get back my lost tabs, but I'm tired of trying to find it!!! It's seems like it would almost be better to not save my tabs at all, and just put them into Bookmarks. But then I would need to organize them into groups each time I restarted Firefox in order for them to be useful.

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Hi prof611, could you start a new question? It sounds as though your problem is different from the one in this thread and deserves a new one.

Among the information that would be useful to have in the new thread are:

  • Do you have Firefox set to automatically resume your previous session at startup?
  • Have you noticed any extra sessionstore files in your profile folder, particularly ones with numbers in the name, such as sessionstore-1.js?

You can start a new question at the following link. Scroll down past the suggestions to continue with the form (I think it has 3 different screens).


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Thanks, jscher2000. I just reposted at

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