Can't find Firefox Android menu button in Jelly Bean

I always keep Firefox for Android current to the latest version, but since I upgraded my Android to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 in a Samsung Galaxy S2, I now cannot find the Menu button for Firefox anywhere. I am trying to bookmark a page and your instructions say to press on the Menu button and then on the Star button, but though I've done that in the past in ICS, those buttons apparently do not exist for me now.

Your pictures on the Web show a bar at the bottom of the screen with a Menu icon, as well as a popup menu that shows the Bookmark Star as one of the Menu options. I don't have a Menu icon or any other icons at the bottom of my screen. I have the phone's physical Back button on the lower right below the screen and the <phone's> physical Menu button on the lower left below the screen, but when I tap the <phone's> Menu button while I have a page showing in FF, all I get is a long menu of choices beginning with Share, Find in Page, Request Desktop Site, Tools, etc. There are no choices that give me a Star with which to bookmark a page.

Please advise how I can find the Bookmark Star or change the Settings to make it reappear.

Thank you.

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