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how do I import my bookmarks as files?


I had to replace my hard drive. the recovery company placed my book marks in an external drive. however, i cannot seem to import them as named folders such as "travel' or 'education'. when i try firefox does not import the file itself, even though these were the bookmark folders names in firefox on my old PC. Also, does it matter if the PC people saved these as favorites rather than bookmarks when they returned these files to me. Is this affecting the importation to firefox? please help. thanks so much.

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Sorry, thanks for your post but it doesn't help. These instructions show how to import ONE Html bookmark at at time. I am trying to import bookmarks that are sorted into FOLDERS. I want all the sub folders that I created on my old firefox broswer such as "education" "travel" imported into my bookmarks. the links you provided simply show how to import one HTML bookmark at a time and it doesn't show how to important folders into your bookmarks tab. Can someone please help. to clarify all my bookmarks have been sorted into folders. I want to important the folders into the bookmark tab so when I click on the folder under the bookmark tab all the bookmarks that belong to the specific folder pop up.


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what files (and or file extensions) are in this folder? importing firefox only takes .html files. you can export and import as html or restore from a backup.

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Firefox can't use "Favorites" files and folders directly. You can export Favorites in HTML format, and then import that file into Firefox; or you can use the "import data from another browser" feature in Firefox. Either method you use will maintain the existing IE folder structure, but the "import data from another browser" method will tend to "choke" and stop importing if the folder structure is too deep with many nested folder levels.

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Hi ivyleaguer, in case it wasn't obvious from the-edmeister's post, you probably want to copy the files from your external drive into your new Windows Favorites folder so IE can see them. Then you can export an HTML format bookmarks file from IE and import that file into Firefox.