How can I fix the image scaling quality?

I've just updated my Firefox browser to 22.0 (I have windows xp). I've just noticed how bad the image scaling quality is.

This is how it looks like compared to Google Chrome, the original image size was 321 x 192. :

Is there Any type of solution in order to fix this? I've tried going into the about:config and changing the image scaling to false, I've tried the Shift + R thing (which showed No difference whatsoever), I've tried cleaning the cache, I've tried seeing if the proxy was causing the problem (it wasn't), I've tried other "solutions" that didn't work (something to do with switching a certain number setting to 0 - I apologize since I forgot). None of those solutions work. Is there anything I could do with the HTML coding - something to do with the algorithm? I've heard of the HTML Validator add-on with Firefox, I'm wondering if that could help.

If coding is to be involved, could you please explain it in the most easy way possible? Imagine that I'm a five year old, and you'd have to explain the type of coding to me. I know that sounds silly, but many of the coding "solutions" I've seen are very complicated. I'd really just like some help. I highly appreciate any help I could get.

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