posted by tgeery 4 years ago
WebEx Meeting Center stopped working with FF v.22

WebEx Meeting Center has stopped working since FF updated to v.22. I had this problem when FF updated to v.21 and I added a change to the plug-in load options in about:config called "plugins.load_appdir_plugins" and set that to TRUE and that corrected the issue under FF v.21.

Now that 22 loaded the other day, I cannot get the Meeting Center to run. I get the Java security warning asking if it is ok for this Java app to run and I allow it and then, instead of running, I get taken to the Meeting Center download screen even though the Meeting Center app is installed. This appears to be default behavior if the app doesn't start.

If I reinstall Meeting Center, it says would I like to Modify, Repair, or Uninstall and I've tried all options with removing and reinstalling and that has not helped. I've even removed and reinstalled Java and that has not helped.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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