"Unable to Connect" error continually shows up despite having reinstalled firefox and troubleshooting. How do I get firefox to work properly again? (windows 7)

I turned on my computer and before I could start firefox it said it was updating. When it said it had finished updating and there were no error messages indicating that the update had failed. When I opened firefox it pulled up the last tabs I had open before closing the program. None of the tabs functioned properly and gave me "unable to connect" errors even when I opened new tabs, no matter what the website was. Everything worked properly in internet explorer. I tried restarting my computer and firefox, troubleshooting, restoring firefox, uninstalling and then reinstalling firefox, checking my firewall and the problem persists. I've tried changing my proxy settings according the articles on the support page but nothing has worked. How should I fix this? Firefox is my favorite browser I would hate to give it up.

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