Why won't my browser history clear?

This latest upgrade has been awful for a very basic computer user like me. I've used Mozilla happily for years but the amount of time I'm spending trying to put it back to the way I like it is starting to make me reconsider the whole thing. Chrome is looking awfully good right now.

I've already spent hours trying to rid myself of the Yahoo thing that just suddenly appeared as my search engine and now my browser history won't clear. I used to be able to go to show all history and delete. Easy! Now even when the history says it's clear, even when I've closed down all the tabs prior to closing down mozilla (except for my home page Google) When I reopen Mozilla the last four tabs are back again. It should, based on my my prior usage, only open to my home page and if I want to restart at my previous tabs it asks me. Why is this happening?

I'm a very basic computer user and this sudden hijacking of my browser and search engine is actully a bit distressing and frankly I'm getting sick of trying to fix it.

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