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Why is adobe shockwave Flash being such a pain?

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It keeps doing this every time I use FF and it's going to make me stop completely if someone doesn't fix it.

I have been in the middle of doing work and it will do this, and I lose my work.

Google chrome is working better. And the only thing wrong is this Adobe Shockwave.

Edited title to add "Flash" since, based on the linked image, this question is about the Shockwave Flash plugin. aw

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Hi there. My Firefox was giving me some problems. After a dreadfully long time, I decided to remove shockwave (it was also giving me problems). Well, no more problems. I would suggest you remove EVERYTHING from Adobe, reboot the computer, then install the current versions of all the Adobe software. BUT NOT SHOCKWAVE!!

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Hi reallymurphy, are you still running Windows Vista?

Are the crashes in the rectangle in the page where Flash media is expected to appear, or does Firefox crash completely?

What exactly have you tried to fix the crashing problem?

When Firefox or the Flash plugin crashes, it usually records information about what was happening at that moment. You can submit that data to Mozilla and share it with forum volunteers to see whether it points to the solution. Please check the support article "Firefox crashes - Troubleshoot, prevent and get help fixing crashes" (especially the last section) for steps to get those crash IDs, and then post some of the recent ones in a new thread with your system information.

You can start a new question at the following link. Scroll down past the suggestions to continue with the form (I think it has 3 different screens).

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nearearthobject, (and anyone else reading)

Just to be clear, the demo at which you linked in your 9/18/2013 post above uses the Shockwave plugin, not Flash. Adobe Shockwave and Adobe Flash are two separate plugins:

The Flash plugin appears as "Shockwave Flash" in the Firefox Add-ons Plugins list and in error messages such as screenshot of the "Warning: Unresponsive Plugin Shockwave Flash may be busy ..." dialog box, linked from the original question, and shown in the screenshot from the Firefox Support article about using the Flash plugin, here.

By the way, this thread is almost six months old. (It was started on June16 2013 by cantthinkofausername). Questions are archived and closed to additional replies after 180 days so anyone who is still having problems should ask a new question.

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Note that Mozilla is switching to its own Flash Player soon (scheduled to release around Firefox 28) named shumway.

You can read what its about and this means Flash wont have to be used anymore in Firefox.

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