My video keeps freezing and I want to know how to fix this problem or which add-ons / plugins need to be installed for improved performance of my video player

I often like watching videos and movies, current affairs, clips on you tube nine msn, yahoo and other sites and my video player or movie freezes for short and long periods and sometimes doesn't start at all. I don't have much experience with add on's or plugins but have been told this may be the problem, I have tried disabling add on's leaving shock wave flash player 11.7.700.224, adobe acrobat PDF plug in, silver light plug in 5.1.20125.0, java deployment toolkit and java (TM) platform SE 7 U21 as well as leaving all add on's and plug ins run but it still doesn't fix the freezing problem please help or advise what are best options for peak performance of videos, clips and movies. Thanks

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