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Can't clear recently closed tabs/windows

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This has been asked before with no satisfactory solution. The last thread was closed with the (IMHO) flippant comment that one should just close all your tabs and then close the browser. Well thats just all so useful!

So.. I am running nightly 24a and this "problem" still exists. Namely: one uses the clear browsing history function yet the list of recently closed tabs and windows remain. THIS IS A FAIL. I can understand a warning might be appropriate (with option to turn off) that clearing history will also clear the recently closed lists (or even make it an extra check box). But hello? how many people want to clear the history and *not* clear the recently closed lists too?

If I am mistaken and there is now some ->easy<- way to do this, please reply. And by easy, I mean not mucking about in about:config to change settings and then put them back.


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hello, this information is stored as part of your session-restore data. you're right, there is no easy way to clear that from within the user interface - you could only turn off or limit the amount of data that is stored there in general...

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You can (temporarily) set the browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo pref to 0 to clear the "Recently Closed Tabs" list.

If you want to re-use the "Recently Closed Tabs" feature (Undo Closed Tabs) then you can reset the browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo pref to the default value via the right-click context menu.

You can temporarily set the browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo pref to 0 to reset the "Recently Closed Windows" list.

Firefox will remember one window if you open additional windows and close that window while tabs are open in that window and the max_windows_undo is set to 0.

Close all tabs in a window before closing that window to prevent the window from appearing in the recently closed windows list.

  • Note that this may not be possible with a pop-up window.
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While I'm sure the reply was well intended, it is an example of exactly what I meant by "unsatisfactory". Should users really be expected to go through all of that each time they wish to wipe the tab/window history?

This seems to be a significant flaw in firefox which is not being addressed and which should not be all that difficult to "fix" (remove all but open tabs/windows from session store).

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we're mainly volunteer users here on the support forum, so we can only provide answers in the realm of what's currently possible within the firefox configuration.

please either use which will be monitored by mozilla's staff for general feedback or if you feel that it's a missing feature in the browser you can file a bug at

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Firefox 24.0a isn't intended for mere users! It is a pre-release version intended for testing what will become a Firefox release - 3 versions down the road - like in 18 to 24 weeks. It is updated daily, and sometimes twice a day; sometimes "stuff" gets broken and fixed the following day; sometimes "stuff" gets broken and isn't fixed for a few days or a few weeks.

If you can't handle "stuff" not working properly, or getting broken periodically - don't use a Nightly pre-release version!

BTW, the pre-release versions - Nightly, Aurora, and Beta - are tracked daily and discussed in this forum -

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@Edmeister - you really need to get a grip. I know what nightlies are and quite frankly have probably been using them for far longer than you have. This has been broke for a very long time and its not something that is broke because it was "nightly". Perhaps you should have checked on that fact before posting your reply.

I have joined an existing bug report (I picked the one which looked most active) and encourage all others to do so as well.

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Hi, I had a similar issue and did the following: I realised that the recently closed tabs that would remain even though I cleared my history, were popups. I selected block pop-ups in the Options and that cleared the recently closed tabs that would not previously clear. I then changed the block pop-ups options back to the way it was and problem solved. Hope this helps