Any way to ENABLE hardware acceleration AND fix Firefox display issues?

I must have hardware acceleration (specifically the Direct3D acceleration) enabled for a CAD program I'm running but, when enabled, Firefox 20.1 has display problems. Green rectangles appear in column patterns and, occasionally, there will be horizontal lines of "dots" that distort the screen display.

- Installing the latest drivers ( for my graphics card (nvidia GeForce 7300 LE) did not fix the problem - Disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox does not fix the problem - Resetting Firefox does not solve the problem.

Is Firefox aware of any issues as described? Is this a previously reported issue and, if so, is there a fix? or an update coming to fix it?

Are there any other suggestions or setting changes I can try?

For my current project, I absolutely need hardware acceleration enabled AND for Firefox to display properly.

(pre) Thanks for info and/or assistance.

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