Firefox can't find javascript files on localhost

I'm running firefox 21.0 on windows 8. I've installed Apache 2.4 (64 bit) as a web server on localhost.

I'm getting sporadic unexpected results testing my web pages. When I look at the source code (Ctrl-U) and click on the link to the javaScript files, for some of the files I get the firefox warning page (with exclamation mark in yellow triangle - not the 404 message) claiming that firefox cannot find the javaScript file. The files do exist and capitalization is correct.

The links are coded like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="/cradur/JSLib/dataGrid.js" charset="utf-8"></script> The web page is xhtml1-strict.

IMPORTANT: THIS ERROR IS ONLY OCCURRING SPORADICALLY. The web page (and JS file) will work fine for a time, then suddenly firefox will no longer be able to find the file.

Please note also that the current set up is on a new laptop, which I've only been using for a week. I've previously run firefox/ajax on windows XP for years without encountering this problem.

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