youtube features not working(like add to playlist comment)

hi. youtube features not working(like add to playlist comment) stopped working, they still work for same account on chrome or other browser.(when it happened i didn't update or downgrade any of the programs, addons, plugins that run in firefox or chrome, i don't see why all of the sudden). so i can't like videos i get the message "feature not available try later", can't add videos to playlist(any playlist including fav, like, watch later pre made playlist by youtube) and can't comment, for these 2 features i get the message "invalid request". all this happen over and over again, they don't stop, or i can't make it work with resetting, refresh, retry. i did a fresh instal of firefox and all it's addons, plugins, even fresh instal of adobe products, and divx, vlc(that have plugins or addons in firefox) after install i could like comment add to playlist, before add-in all the addons, but i could only play HTML 5 in youtube, any video that had no HTML5 support still needed adobe.(after i installed adobe it worked until i restarted the browser). now it doesn't work again.(disabling, uninstalling all addons, plugins doesn't affect the problem)

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