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Open Inspect Element with a toolbar.


I would like to be able to open firefox's buit in Inspector/Web Console through a toolbar, instead of right clicking and pressing q... Is there anyway to do this... There isn't an item for it in the customize toolbar dialog...

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Hi! Unfortunately it's not possible to customize you Add-ons bar or Bookmarks Toolbar or Navigation Toolbar with a shortcut for the Inspector or the Web Console, but you could open the Developer Toolbar (either by pressing Shift + F2 or by going to Tools -> Web Developer -> Developer Toolbar): this will open a toolbar on the bottom of the screen, and from there you should only click on the wrench icon to toggle all the Developer Tools, such as the Inspector or the Web Console. It will stay there, on the bottom of the screen, also when you open new tabs or switch tabs or restart Firefox, unless you close it by clicking on the "x".

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I think I found a way using Firefox controls. Place the cursor over the item you want to get rid of. Left click, and choose inspect element, The screen will show two displays. The web page you are looking at on top, and the lower screen will show the script (I think) for that page. You will see that a line or two on the script screen is hilighted. Put the cursor over the hilighted section, right click, and choose Delete Node. So far this has worked. But, don't try to change anything else. The script is a program. Remove or change the wrong thing could lead to who knows what. Good luck.

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Hi inisfield, the keyboard shortcut for the web console is Ctrl+Shift+k.

You can initiate a mode where Firefox follows your mouse and displays each element you mouse over in the HTML tree (until you click) but I'm not aware of a mouseless way to inspect an element. The keyboard shortcut for that is Ctrl+Shift+i

I suppose you could select some elements in a document by tabbing. In that case, you can "right-click" by pressing a context menu key on your keyboard (desktop PCs usually have this button, but laptops might not).

Not sure whether this is addressing what you want to accomplish. What do you think?

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