posted by Rhlsg 5 years ago
Cannot see "Portable Document Format" under Options > Applications ?

I was regularly using Foxit PDF reader plugin to view pdf files inside Firefox browser before the pdfjs plugin came through. After that I have disabled the pdfjs plugin (through about:config) and tried many ways to get back to viewing pdfs in the browser using the Foxit plugin but nothing works. I have reinstalled Firefox, reinstalled the Foxit pdf plugin.

When I go to Options > Options > Applications, I cannot see the "Portable Document Format" option on the left column. There is Adobe Acrobat Forms and XML and there is "Foxit Reader Document" (presumably PDF) and "Foxit Reader FDF Document" - I want to change those opening actions to Foxit inside Firefox, but there is no such option either - so Firefox can just download the file and then open in the external Foxit reader, but not inside it.

Any help to resolve this is appreciated. FF 21, Win 7.

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