posted by avwood 4 years ago
At times when I am using hotmail (outlook) embedded pictures do not show until I clear the cache. How can I prevent this regular problem from occurring?

I can see how to clear cache by going to Tools-Options-Adanced and uner Cached Web Content click on Clear Now.

Underneath that there is a box which says Override Automatic Cache Management. Underneath that is a greyed out line which says Limit Cache to 350 Mb of space.

If I tick that box will my problem be automatically solved so I don't have to manually clear cache when I have a problem with embedded pictures etc in an email I have received?

I hope my questioning is clear. I am certainly not an expert at computers and I try to solve a problem without having to bother you with a question but in this instance I can't fuind an answer to me question.

Thank you for your help.


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