i am not resetting firefox just to fix orange button. Menu bar disabled still no orange button. Have had this problem since upgrading to 20.0

Firefox orange button has been missing I upgraded to 20.0. I have since installed the next update as well, still no fix on orange button. Research suggested disabling menu toolbar (which is not a solution for me) I tried this, still no orange button. Another recent development is with the all in one sidebar... The only icons showing are "Display you bookmarks," and Google Lite. The buttons are still there, just no identifying information; no icon, no text. I will not reset firefox, to do this would require more time than I can give. I would switch back to Google Chrome if that is truly my only option. I have been using Firefox for 2 years, switching back would be most undesirable. Thank you for any and all feedback.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Firefox

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