My firefox sync data disappeared

I'm using Firefox 20.0.1 on a windows 8 64bit laptop. The Reply button in outlook wasn't working for me so I reset firefox by going to Help>Troubleshooting Information>Reset Firefox That completed then I set up my preferences and logged into my sync account but now it will not sync my plugins or anything. I have it set up to do so and it only says I'm using 2.6mb of quota. I was using more than that though before I reset firefox. I have it set to merge my data, and I have it set to sync everything, but that's the thing.. my sync data is missing stuff. I think an error happened or something. Because I should have my plugins and everything back, but they aren't there. I've also tried closing firefox and reopening it and still no plugins. Also I was using more quota but it seems a lot of information from my sync account is missing. How do I get them to revert my sync information to an earlier time? Because currently it is not syncing my plugins, it thinks that I never had any installed.. I used to be able to go to Tools>add-ons>Extensions and there used to be stuff there but ever since I reset firefox that stuff is not coming back.. even though I have logged into my sync account, told it to merge everything, gave it plenty of time to do so, restarted firefox, etc. So I think my sync data didn't transfer correctly or is messed up and I need them to revert it on their end.

So I need to have someone for firefox revert my sync data to an earlier time before things were messed up...

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