posted by LESNJO 3 years ago
I recently updated Firefox and something called Fantistic Games has taken over my homepage and I can't get rid of it.

I used to get a field of 9 options to open when I opened a new page by clicking on the + button on the right side of the Search tab. After I updated Firefox a couple of days ago, my homepage had been taken over by something called "Fantasti Games". I can't find it anywhere to uninstall "Fantisti Games". I now have Google come up as my homepage when I open Mozilla Firefox, but each tab that I open comes up with the "FantastiGames" search engine. I need to get rid of that from my computer and revert back to what I had before, which was when I opened a new tab, I got nine large icons on the screen that gave me the choice of common sites to go to (such as AOL, YouTube,, Google, etc.). Please tell me how to uninstall "FantastiGames".

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