posted by Zorg54 5 years ago
Do disabled add-ons use resources; is it better to remove them?

Do disabled add-ons use resources? Would removing them completely use less resources? The reason I ask is, I have quite a number of add-ons in the disabled state that I have not removed in case I decide to reactivate/use them again. I was just wondering if having the add-ons associated with the FF software, even in their disabled state, caused Firefox to use any more resources (cpu/ram) than if they were completely removed? If it makes no difference whatsoever in ram/cpu usage if the disabled add-ons are removed or not removed, then I'll just leave them disabled and undeleted. But since my Firefox eats up more and more cpu and memory the longer I use it, I'm interested in getting rid of anything that eats resources, especially if I don't really use them.

I don't think my question is specific to my tech specs, but am using: Windows XP Pro, SP3, and Firefox 9.0.1 (which I intend to upgrade when I finish researching what version is best for me in terms of performance, but especially compatibility with my essential add-ons). Thanks for your time and attention. ~ Zorg54

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