How to set the font that SuperNova will show the text correctly

I have a problem with the use of Firefox with Supernova. Supernova is a program for visual handicaped people which allows you to enlarge the desktop. When you visit the page

you will see some orange colored text in the main text block. This is shown correctly. However when I enlarge the screen with Supernova this orange text is barely readable due to the fact that the letters seems to built of dots instead of a smooth line.

Note that that even happens with this page where I enter these details of the questions. When Supernove enlarges rhe screen, the texts outside the textbox are horrible while the text in this textbox is good.

I ask this question here because when I use Internet Explorer this problem does not occur.

I've tried to make a screenprint, but the screenprint functionality doesn't "see" that the screen is enlarged. So when I zoom to 100% with Supernova, the text in the screenshot seems to be okay.

I realise that this is a difficult issue to reproduce but any help is welcome. Note that enlarging the font with the Firefox options is not a real option for me. Supernova enlarges the complete screen, not only the text on the webpage. This way I'm also able to see the menu's / bookmarks of Firefox itself.

Thank, you very much, Hans

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