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When I try opening Firefox, the window automatically moves to the right.


It does one of these:


I'm using IE now.

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Wow, I've never seen that flying window animation before. I assume you do not have a multi-monitor setup so there's no reason for the Firefox window to be off-screen to the right.

Can you tell from the Task Bar tile/button whether Firefox is the active application? If so, could you try the trick described in this thread and see whether it works for you: When I go to open firefox it shows up on my tool bar but not on my screen where is it?

Any luck?

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I followed the second order of steps (deleting the localstore.rdf file) and all it did was this:


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Could you try "moving" the window to the left? Here's how:

With a Firefox window active (judging from the task bar or Alt+Tab):

  • Make sure the window is "Restored" (not Maximized) by pressing Alt+spacebar then R
  • Move the window by pressing Alt+spacebar then m then pressing/holding the left arrow key until you get the window title bar enough into view that you can click and drag it, then press Enter

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