Adjust URL & Search Engine boxes on Navigation Bar to different widths and URL box the widest.

For years my URL address on the Navigation Bar has stretched out far enough to allow most of the URL to show. Then, after a Reload Icon, the Search Engines (Bing, Dictionary, etc.) box would be about a third of the width that the URL box. After that, the rest of the bar is used for Home/Bookmarks/History/etc. Now, without knowing when it occurred, the URL Box is too narrow to see but a few letters of the URL that is entered and its drop down box is the same. I can find no way to widen it. All is working well, but I would like to have the displays appearing as before. I have kept up all the most recent version updates and have version 20 presently. I don't think this happened due to the update ------- at least not immediately. At the same time this occurred, my Bookmarks Toolbar vanished. I made sure the bar was checked, and manually put all the bookmarks I had back in. It is OK now. I thought way back that one could put the cursor at a point on the side of the Navigation Bar's boxes and get an arrow icon that would extend or narrow the boxes. I am not sure of this, but I know it doesn't work that way now. Any help would surely be appreciated! Thank you.

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