How do I get rid of the new toolbar that was added by versions 20 and 21?

I have tried both versions 20 and 21 and both have the bugs below so I ended up having to re-install version 19: 1.) Versions 20 and 21 add a new toolbar that has nothing but a "Firefox" button on it - and no way to get rid of this toolbar is provided. It wastes far too much space on my laptop's screen - that button should have been put on one of the other toolbars or simply made part of the icon set that users can use to customize their menubar or other toolbars. 2.) That new toolbar is not customizable. Hence, I don't have the option of recovering screen space by moving everything from my menubar onto the new toolbar then hiding the menubar. 3.) The back, forward, and stop|reload buttons on my menubar no longer work. Moving them back to the navigation toolbar and showing that toolbar does not solve the problem. Nor can I right-click on a web page and select those functions from the context menu: they are permanently disabled there too. 4.) I can no longer right click on the menubar or a toolbar and get a context menu from which you I can pick a "customize" option - I can't get a context menu AT ALL. In order to customize things for versions 20 or 21, I first have to reinstall version 19, do the customizations, then reinstall version 20 or 21.

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