How to create a persona header bar that displays correctly in all resolutions - Firefox 20 Linux

I'm in the process of learning how to create Personas for Firefox, and have already created one which I am using locally, but I ran into an unexpected behavior: If I create a header bar that is 3000 X 200 pixels as specified in the guidelines, only the right third or so displays in my browser when the theme is applied. To get this header to display "properly" (as I find aesthetically pleasing) I have to resize the header to 1280 X 85 pixels.

Should not the header bar scale automatically, or do I need to produce a persona header at each possible resolution width to get it to display properly?

For what it's worth, the footer appears to be displaying the left hand third, but this is not so objectionable in this case.

A screenshot of the persona is available at

Thanks for any insights. I feel as though I must be misunderstanding something here.

(I tried to post troubleshooting information the first time, but it overflowed the character limit...)

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