posted by onhold 3 years ago
Restore Tools/Downloads previous downloads list when downloads.sqlite is present

I was busy doing something else when Firefox updated itself to 20. First I noticed Private Browsing had changed. I could live with that, but then I checked the new dowload manager by starting the download of a big file, and I hated it so I opted to do a system restore to get FF 19 back, and immediately disable automatic updates. Before I did this however, I cancelled the test download, and clicked "remove from list", thinking it would remove only that download from the list.

So I restored and got FF 19 back. Everything is fine, except now my list of downloads from Tools/Downloads is gone! It's as if I clicked the Clear List button, but I didn't. If I go to History/Show All History/Downloads, all of my downloads are still there. I checked for downloads.sqlite in the profile folder; it is 480 KB in size, and it says it was created in Dec 2012, so I know FF didn't delete it and create a new one. All I want is for those dowloads that are still listed under History to show up in Tools/Downloads again.

I hope you do not ask me why I don't want to use FF 20 etc. I know now there is a way to get the old download mgr in 20 back. So I may do that eventually but not now. I don't like change. Thanks for your time.

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