Malware puts advertising at the bottom of the Firefox window.

My Firefox installation has banner ads at the bottom of the Firefox window I know do not belong to the websites I visit. My Firefox installation, and possibly my computer, is infected. The advertisement changes to different ones automatically, and eventually rotate back to begin at the first one again. When I scroll the webpage the advertisement banner remains at the bottom. The advertisements are animated to make them difficult to ignore.

It is also converting selected phrases in the text of the website I visit into links. When I put the cursor over these links advertising pops up.

The banners at the bottom of the screen say things such as:

 "Your PC performance is Poor."
 "Make your PC run Faster!"
 "Problems have been detected with your Flash Player version."
 "To view the video you need to upgrade Adobe Flash Player"
 "Catch the Roach for an opportunity to win an iPad 2!"

I need help removing this malware. I hope I will not have to reinstall the operating system.

I have done a scan using the Microsoft Security Essentials and Safety Scanner. This did not eliminate the problem.

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