Firefox consistently loads with "This is embarassing" message, but isn't crashing beforehand? How do i fix

My issue began yesterday and I can't seem to correct the problem. Every time I open firefox i'm met with the annoying restore message, (it's not usually annoying but because it happens every time I start firefox it's really starting to bother me) even if I close all my tabs before hand, close firefox and then quit the program entirely. I can understand this happening if say, I force quit when I had tabs open, but I'm not. And that too, was never an issue before.

I'm using Firefox 20.0 on my Mac, running 10.7.5 (Lion).

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling firefox. I also deleted the sessionstore.bak and .js files. This fix worked initially, the first time I opened firefox, but hasn't worked subsequently.

Moreover, I'd rather not completely turn off the restore, if possible, because I may actually need to recover my data at some point.

I have three extensions on my browser: greasemonkey, tumblr savior and Adblock plus. I've had ABP on my browser since I bought my computer 2 years ago. Tumblr savior and greasemonkey I downloaded last night after this issue was already occuring.

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