How to keep certain cookies from being deleted when Firefox closes


I'm wondering how to keep cookies from certain website when Firefox closes, for example I'm spending some time on it's a website with flash games and as you may suspect I'd like to keep my progress from those games for future visits, however whenever I close Firefox it automatically deletes files from "C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\########\\", that file has saves from games from kongregate and I want to keep that, anyway I'll post a list of my Privacy settings to help you help me achieve what I'm writing here about also "ON" means that box has check mark and "OFF" that it doesn't:


-Tell websites I do not want to be tracked - ON


-Firefox will: Use custom settings for history

-Always use private browsing mode - OFF

-Remember my browsing and download history - OFF

-Remember search and form history - OFF

-Accept cookies from sites - ON (I've added as well as ** to exception list with "Allow" option)

-Accept third-party cookies - ON

-Keep until: I close Firefox

-Clear history when Firefox closes - ON

Location Bar:

-When using the location bar, suggest: Nothing

Options for "Clear history when Firefox closes

When I quit Firefox, it should automatically clear all:


-Browsing History - ON

-Download History - ON

-Form & Search History - ON

-Cookies - ON (Corrected typo)

-Active Logins - OFF

-Cache - ON


-Saved Passwords - OFF

-Site Preferences - OFF

-DownThemAll! History & Queue - OFF (Not that this one matters)

-Offline Website Data - OFF

These are my current settings which I believe should allow me to keep cookies from kongregate while other cookies are being deleted, but if that is not the case please tell me which options should be set at what to allow me keep cookies from kongregate, if it is not possible to have that then please suggest me some extensions that would allow me to keep cookies from kongregate while deleting others.

Thanks in advance!

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