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Error message when trying to sync: "Please try again."


I had to format my HDD and reinstall everything. Previously I had set up Firefox Sync so I could retrieve all my bookmarks and whatnot. When I put in the 3 part code to retrieve said data, it gives me an error saying "Please try again." No error code or explanation, just that. Originally, the servers were having issues so I decided that was the issue. But now that the servers are in normal condition, it still gives me the same error.

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Check thhis

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The problem with that is I cannot retrieve a sync code for that installation because that installation was deleted when I formatted my hard drive. The only thing I have left is the 3-part code.

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Check here

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And from here?

These don't seem to address my problem

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If you do not have a backup of the sync key then the data that is stored on the Sync server can no longer be accessed and is lost.

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What is a backup of the sync key? I have a digital photograph of the sync key that yields the "Please try again." error. How can I prevent this issue from occurring again in the future?

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The answer given above by Cor-el solved my problem. I could sync successfully. problem solved.