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Trend Micro Toolbar not working in Firefox 19 -- is there a fix?!


I just migrated my whole household from IE to FIrefox 19. All's working well, except for the Trend Micro toolbar. Now this toolbar includes three add-ons from Trend which together work brilliantly on IE. But, not on Firefox.

The toolbar is supposed to block dangerous sites, and scan and rate links before you click on them (for example, it scans ever google search result), and then gives you a visual to tell you if it's safe or not. It highlights links green that are safe, and hovering brings up a tooltip with details.

 It doesn't work in Firefox. Doesn't even show up.

It's Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013, and Firefox 19. I heard there was a fix for Firefox version 17, but couldn't find anything for the current version.

Is there any way to make it work? It's quite important to help my family members and I choose what new, unfamiliar sites are safe and which we should avoid. It's to the point that I've advised my less-computer-literate family members to use IE if the lack of link rating makes them uncomfortable. We did get Adblock though. First thing I did. :)

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  • Shockwave Flash 11.6 r602
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 10.17.2 for Mozilla browsers
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.6
  • 5.1.20125.0
  • TrendMicro Toolbar Rating Plugin
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin for Mozilla browsers
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Streaming plugin for Mozilla browsers
  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.6
  • CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Album Plugin Utility Module for IJ
  • The plug-in allows you to open and edit files using Microsoft Office applications
  • Office Authorization plug-in for NPAPI browsers


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The latest I found was the hotfix for Firefox 17: Page rating do not work after upgrading to Mozilla Firefox version 17. However, when I installed it on Titanium Maximum Security 2012 (I haven't updated to 2013 yet), restarted Firefox, enabled the extensions, and restarted again, it worked! I only tested the Google results so far.

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Hmmm, the missing screen shot:

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well, I finally got the TM Toolbar ratings working on Firefox (now version 20) with Trend Titanium 2013. I reinstalled the hotfix which I had previously installed for Firefox17 from this location- http://esupport.trendmicro.com/solution/en-us/1095837.aspx

Perhaps that page could be updated to indicate the hotfix works for Firefox 19 and 20 also????? Thank you jscher for the lead.

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To jscher2000:

My experience is that it can take a few minutes to make an attached image appear if you edit a reply and add additional images, so you need to be patient (may be worth to report this on the contributors forum or file a bug to disable/invalidate the cache in this case).