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I accidently reset my recovery key, but I have found my old information saved on my computer. Is there a way I can retreive me information?



I recently had to format my drive and wanted to recover my bookmarks from Firefox Sync. I had forgotten my recovery key, and had assumed I had not saved the key on the computer.

For this reason I generated a new key, which is currently synced under my account. The issue here is, I have just found the file containing my old key that corresponded with all my valuable data.

Is it impossible to retrieve all the data I had just lost with my old key?


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Tyler Downer
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No, that data is lost forever. However, if you still have the Firefox that is Sync with that account just resync it.

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Thanks for the response, Tyler. I have the files for that version of Firefox. Is there a way I can take a bookmark file and copy it over to this newly-installed version, or something of the sort?


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The bookmarks are stored in the places.sqlite file.
There are also JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder that you can use to restore and replace) all current bookmarks.