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Cursor Position Disconnect


Beta just updated. problem still there.

Open Google. Click in the box.

Start typing 1234567890.

Cursor jumps around and you wind up with this: 1709865432. (Actual string captured from screen.)

Please fix this, very irritating.

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Check with Firefox Beta

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I AM running FF Beta....

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Close the firefox, restart your mobile and check it out...

Helpful Reply

I know you are trying to be helpfull, but this is a coding problem with F F and it will need to be wrung out and the screen/cursor subroutines rewritten to fix the problem. FF beta can't seem to even handle the cursor positioning correctly ON THIS SITE! There is a disconnect between the cursor bar and the positioning "pointer" when this screen that I'm typing in RIGHT NOW first opens.

This bug renders FF USELESS as a web browser for any kind of work requiring text entry. (IE: search engines, or even being able to enter a password correctly for that matter..)

And yes, the phone has been rebooted NUMEROUS times and the bug is still there. It was there when I was running Ice Cream Sandwich, and it is still here with Jelly Bean, so don't blame the OS or the phone...