Crashing at startup, even in safe-mode - after FF18.0


Crash ID: bp-9ebd230c-df4a-4049-bdcf-b91d02130315

or Crash ID: bp-0a637006-d41a-41a1-849b-50e2a2130315

or Crash ID: bp-177589c4-9cd8-4c82-a301-5d8712130310

OS: Windows 7 Professional

Antivirus : Avast 8 home edition

Firefox version 18.0 (when crashes started)

Actual Firefox version 19.0

No recently installed programs that may affect FF - maybe windows updates...

It started one day out of the sudden, when I opened FF crashed at startup.

I tried to follow the steps for safe-mode - still crashed.

I tried to follow reset steps - still crashed.

I completely uninstalled FF, deleted all folders, including APPDATA related. Reinstall still crashed.

I thought it's a mallware - I installed "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" and "Microsoft Safety Scanner" which I read it should fix this kind of bug, but nothing happened. No mallware found, still crashed.

I had a look on startup processes and there is nothing suspicious or that I don't know of.

One think i discovered - by running FF in Windows XP (SP 2/3) Compatibility mode i could open it and it seems to work, but I have to always allow it to run like that (UAC confirm)

The submitted data "trouble. Info." is from FF running in XP mode.

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