posted by Crimbo 5 years ago
How can I unblock a website blocked by Firefox?

When I try to click on a link to in Google Reader and feedly, I get the following message: "Firefox prevented this site from opening 1 popup window", with an option box to either:

option 1 - "Block popups from" (or - I want the opposite of this!

option 2 - "Edit popup blocker options"

option 3 - "Show"

If I click on option 3 ("Show"), this website is still being blocked.

If I choose option 2 (allow popups from google and feedly), this website is still being blocked.

So, in Firefox Options settings, the popup blocker box is now unticked - popups are unblocked - but this website is still being blocked.

This is the only site which is blocked. All links to other websites open correctly from Google Reader and/or Google Search. To bypass this unwanted block and access the website, I have to type the url in the address bar.

I would much prefer to simply open it as I do with all other websites from Google reader or feedly, with a simple click on a link.

Suggestions welcome, thank you.

Edited to add:

Same problem when clicking on a link to this website from Google Search (website blocked by Firefox), yet no such problem when clicking the link within *this* post... ?!

No problem whatsoever opening the website from any link in Chrome.

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