Some settings lost after AVG virus scan

I run Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows XP SP3. I use AVG Internet Security 2013.

Normally, Firefox runs fine and opens my chosen Home Page every time I open the program. However, the first time I open Firefox AFTER the daily complete PC virus/trojan scan by the AVG software, Firefox opens 5 tabs:

- Welcome to Firefox
- Mozilla Firefox Start Page
- Flash Got best FF download
- AVG Secure Search enabled
- IE View.

It has forgotten my home page. So I go to Tools, Options, General tab, re-enter my home page, and everything is then fine. And it is fine every time I open FF again until the next day when the AVG scan runs and the same thing happens again.

What is happening and how can I stop this?

Many thanks in advance for all advice given.

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